Trade Secret Litigation

Our partners have represented plaintiffs and defendants in trade secret litigation in federal and State courts. Some cases have involved patents as well, while others have been pure trade-secret and data-misappropriation cases.

  • Atos/Syntel in a jury trial involving alleged theft of trade secrets.
  • Elizabeth Elting in a Delaware Chancery Court proceeding involving the surreptitious monitoring of her communications with her counsel.
  • SAP against Teradata in a district court action alleging trade secret misappropriation.
  • Evolus against Allergan plc, Allergan, Inc. and Medytox, Inc in an action involving alleging trade secret misappropriation regarding the manufacture of botulinum toxin product.
  • Robert R. Gonnelli and Biovalve Technologies Inc. in district court action seeking correction of patent inventorship and alleging misappropriation of trade secrets relating to needle-free injection technology.