Managing IP featured founding partners Nick Groombridge and Jennifer Wu in an article Finding a voice: IP boutique partners reflect on quitting ‘big law’. 
Nick and Jennifer spoke about the challenges of starting Groombridge, Wu, Baughman & Stone, working at their own IP boutique and their hopes for their first year.
Nick talked about his desire to create a firm with a “start-up environment” but operating at the same level as big firms: “There’s a sense of possibility and being open to looking around for new ways of doing things… I also had hopes that the bulk of our client cases would come with us and that we would be operating at the same level as we were operating and that has happened.”

Jennifer reflected on the reaction they got from their clients: “Our clients were more excited for us than we were for ourselves at times” and “they saw that we could be happier on our own. I had never quit ‘big law’ before. But it turns out, every one of my clients had” and asked: “Isn’t it freeing?”

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